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Iíve got a story to tell
About someone I know very well.
Listen closely and see if you can discover
Someone you may love like a sister or a brother.
It goes like this:

I guess my friend believed in God almost all his life.
Iíve known him since he was a little fellow.
He told me the preacher always said
He was never worthy of Godís love.

And he got to believing somewhere along the way
That God didnít have time for a nobody like him.
He figured that if he wasnít good enough for Godís love
Then it didnít matter how he lived his life.

So he lived to find happiness for himself.
If it felt good he did it, no matter who got hurt or suffered.
The longer he lived this way
The more depressed and unhappy he was.

He became so miserable that he finally
Cried out, ďPlease God, take my life,
I canít live this way anymore.Ē
And you know something?

God heard and answered his cry for help,
But not in the way he expected.
I watched in awe as God reached down
And very gently lifted him out of lifeís gutter.

He wiped away his tears, pulled him very close,
And told my friend how much he loved him
God told him that he loved him enough
To sacrifice His only Son, Jesus.

The one who suffered and bled and died
As He was crucified on that Cross at Calvary.
And because of what happened to His Son,
My friend was worthy after all.

God did take my friends life that day,
But he gave him a new one in its place.
A life that belongs to God, where there is now
Faith, hope and charity.

You can experience this same hope in your life.
Just accept Jesus into your heart.
He is The Gift waiting for you today.
All you have to do is say ďyes.Ē

I know this story is true you see,
For the friend Iíve told you about is me.