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I know someone whose name is Will.
He always talked about himself and could never be still.

He was very selfish and self-centered.
His way was the only one that mattered.

Will was very stubborn, rigid and inflexible.
To know him would be to believe he was unchangeable.

Then Will met a man one day,
Who said to him, "I AM the only way.

Your sins I have forgiven.
Would you do Godís will in heaven?"

In that man, Jesus Christ, he believed,
And eternal life Will instantly received.

To Jesus Christ, his life Will did surrender.
This transformation he would always remember.

Willís life has changed from the inside out;
As the Holy Spirit resides within him all about.

A most important decision Will did make that day.
His will he yielded and relinquished to Godís way.