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I watched her grow up.
Not a care in the world,
it seemed at the time.
So innocent and carefree;
She was my sister you see.

She so much wanted to be happy,
To have children and live as a family.
I watched as she struggled and fought,
For that joy and peace she so vigorously sought.

She lost her oldest when he was only twelve.
What a blow that was as in her arms he was held.
A little bit of her died that day,
When little Ronnie passed away.

And the disease that invaded her in totality,
When she was so very young and pretty.
Over the years it took its toll;
Finally to the hospital she had to go.

I watched as she struggled to live
There was so much she still wanted to give.
There were children with a need to reconcile,
And others waiting to comfort and hold her for a while.

I saw a family healing take place one day,
Before God took her away.
Her pain and suffering are now past.
Linda has peace at last.

(In loving memory of Linda Belt Pope
who went to be with the Lord on Oct. 5, 1998)