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    I have wrestled for years about the word "believe". For God so loved the world  He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth  in Him has everlasting life. [John 3:16]
     I had been taught as I grew up that all that was required for salvation was to believe everything the Bible taught about Jesus. Iíve lived the last thirty years believing everything the Bible said was true, but believing never brought about any changes in my life. I believed in God, in Jesus, and in His virgin birth, death,burial and resurrection. I believed all these things from an intellectual point of view, but my life and actions never showed or reflected a change or difference. I never had that personal relationship or feelings of  love and compassion with God or for my fellow man.
     The Holy Spirit has really pricked my heart and shown me that I needed to surrender my will to God. To put God first in my life and allow Him to work within me. As Iíve surrendered my will and life to God, I have been listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as I study the Word of God. The Holy Spirit has shown me that believing really is not enough. Iíve had to search through the whole Word to discover that believing really entails a deep belief and change within the heart. A turnabout in direction. Putting off the old man and experiencing a new birth, becoming a new person in Christ.
     As Iím learning how to walk in the Spirit and trying to bear the fruits thereof; I rely on the Holy Spirit to help guide me through the Word as I gain the knowledge I need in order to make wise decisions as I face the world from day to day.
     The Holy Spirit has given me a compassion for people in need ( and who isnít today). To reach out and encourage them and show them that Jesus is the answer to all the problems  in their life.
     The Holy Spirit reveals new insights and thoughts to me everyday as I continue to search the scriptures for the truth. The Holy Spirit truly does illuminate the truth of the Word to our hearts.